CSI Pads
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America

Testimonials from Rodeo Competitiors

Coleman Proctor

Coleman Proctor"CSI pads are the only pads I’ll use on all my horses, but especially my ‘go-to’ horse Booger. They keep him sound so he can keep me in the money. Whether it’s winning Champion Header at the 2010 George Strait or setting the record time at the 2008 BFI — 4.46 seconds — CSI pads make the difference!"

Coleman Proctor, PRCA Roper and BFI Record Setter

"I use CSI Pads on my horse Shotgun — together we qualified for the 2010 NFR.

Sydni Blanchard 2010 NFR Qualifier

Jeanne Anderson

Jeanne Anderson"Thank you CSI for keeping Firebug running fast at the 2010 NFR in Las Vegas."

Jeanne Anderson, 2010 NFR Qualifier

Randa Nugent

Randa Nugent"After borrowing a CSI pad from a friend to try on my hard to fit horse I was sold on the product- it saved me from having to replace my saddle! I was sold on the product and decided to become a dealer for CSI pads."

Randa Nugent, Alberta, Canada

Michelle Wansing

Michelle Wansing"Thank you CSI Saddle Pads!! You have save me thousands on vet bills, injections, chiropractic expenses and saved me from losing time riding my horses due to soreness. I was running barrels off my husband’s heading horse, he would stay sore constantly. We spent money on him monthly with a chiropractor, I myself a equine massage therapist, worked on him weekly. We had a saddle fitted for him and still he would be good for awhile and then sore again within a month and we would start the process over. I met Donna Saddoris in September 2006, we were both involved with producing a local youth rodeo. Our friendship developed and I became educated on CSI Saddle Pads. I began using one instantly and instantly my gelding became better. When he was sore he would not work on his hind quarters, he would not set a steer, with his CSI saddle pad he began working like he never had before and my maintenance expenses on him ended. I did go on to win Reserve All Around Cowgirl on him. I also became a dealer for CSI Saddle Pads, I have never been a dealer for any product. I could never sell a product to make extra money, I’m not a sales person. I LOVE CSI Saddle Pads so it is easy to show them to people, they sell themselves because they are a great product and I do believe in them, no other product horse related or not gives you a 30 trial period, the reason why CSI does that is because they have nothing to hide and they know their product will be exactly as advertised and your horse will love it. In the photo is a picture of my daughter, McKenzie and her 18 year old barrel horse Wonder Wings, an own son of Freedom Flyer. Wings is long in the body, high withered, long muscled, and hard to keep weight on. CSI Saddle pads have kept him happy, healthy and winning since we got him in 2008. We LOVE Wings and Wings loves his CSI Saddle Pad. Thank you Donna Saddoris and CSI Saddle Pads for taking care of my horses!"

Michelle Wansing Garden City, MO.

MO-KAN Youth Rodeo

MO-KAN Youth Rodeo"The kids in the photo placed in the top 4 in their event and ride CSI saddle pads. CSI Saddle pads carried these kids to earn 3 All Around Saddles and 2 Reserve All Around Titles. Champion Tye Down Calf Roping, Champion Girls Goat Tying, Champion Header and Heeler, Champion Jr Girls Barrels, Champion Sr Girls Poles.

MO-Kan had 85 members, of the 85 members 22 members ride CSI Saddle pads.

In the picture CSI has the following winners.
L to R : Jaime Parris – 3rd Sr Barrels, 3rd Sr Poles
Maggie Porter – 4th Jr Girls Breakaway
Colt Humbard – Sr Boy All Around, Champion Sr Boys Tye Down Calf Roping, 3rd Team Roping Header, 3rd Team Roping Heeler
Cheyanne Wheeler – Jr Girls All Around Champion, Champion Jr Girls Goat Tying, 3rd Jr Girls Breakaway
Drew Porter – Champion Team Roping Heeler, 4th Jr Boys Breakaway
Mikayla Bartley – MKYRA 2010 Queen, participates in Sr Barrels & Sr Poles
McKenzie Wansing – Reserve Jr Girls All Around, Reserve Jr Girls Goat Tying, 3rd Jr Girls Barrels, 3rd Jr Girls Breakaway
Luke Porter – Reserve Sr Boys All Around, Champion Team Roping Header, 4th Sr Boys Tye Down Calf Roping
Audra Searcy – Participates in Sr Girls Barrels & Poles
Danielle Lichte – Champion Jr Girls Barrels, Reserve Jr Girls Poles
Shelby Liles – Champion Sr Girls Poles
Cody Wheeler – Champion Jr Boys All Around, Reserve Champion Jr Boys Breakaway, Reserve Champion Jr Boys Goat Tying
Amber Evans – 4th Sr Girls Poles
Hannah Wheeler – Participates in Jr Girls Barrels, Poles and Goat Tying"

MO-KAN Youth Rodeo

Don Silver

Don Silver"I first bought my CSI pad 7 years ago. In the last 7 years my rope horses have had no sore backs. I have only replaced the insert, but still have the same pads. You think the initial cost is high until you ask yourself, how many pads have I bought in the last seven years…none. It is well worth the investment. Thanks for a good pad!"

Don Silver…MGR Equine Science Co.

Michelle Dibert

Michelle Dibert"I met Donna at the PA Horse Expo at Harrisburg, PA this winter. After taking part of the demonstration on the CSI Pads I couldn’t keep from talking about them. I was totally sold on them. My husband got so sick of hearing me talking about it on the way home from the Expo he told me he would buy me one. I ride Barrel Horses and my one horse tends to get a sore back, can be a hand full in the alley, and hates pain. I had a pad that I just wasn’t satisfied with and I felt he didn’t like it. It was thick and stiff but was to be one of the top ones on the market. I just couldn’t wait to try my CSI. I spoke to Jennifer before ordering and she said that she ran Barrel horses and couldn’t believe the change in them from using the CSI Pad and told me that she felt I would see a difference. A difference I sure did see!!! My horse has been walking into the alley, seems to be comfortable, his back doesn’t seem sore, and he is running a half second faster then he was. I can say that I’m totally sold and won’t be using any other pads but CSI. I’m also proud to say that I have become a dealer on the East Coast and will be happy to let you try my pad out if you see me at a show. You’ll not regret it! Thanks CSI for making my horse happy!"

Michele Dibert PA IBRA State Director

I used to have problems with my horses back getting sore. Until I switched to the CSI pad and I have had no more problems with soreness. I first discovered the CSI pad at the Nation High School Rodeo Finals in 2007. Now that is the only pad that I ride on my horses. Whether you choose the neoprene or the wool insert you cannot go wrong. I would recommended this pad to anyone."

Jess Rogers, New Mexico

"Just a note to say I just bought my second CSI pad. I barrel race several different horses and was using the one pad on every horse, so I was doing a lot of saddling and unsaddling just so I could use the CSI. My older horse has the drop off behind his shoulders and I had tried every saddle I could find and would end up selling or returning them. Finally the CSI pad (w/shims) resolved the problem and I am certain he is comfortable with this pad and I did not have to invest in a special saddle. His back is not sore and his shoulder freedom is remarkable. Only pad I use for him and my others now that I have a second one. The fit is great for all of them."

Tammy Daniels, WPRA, IPRA & SRA Member