CSI Pads
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America

Testimonials from Trick Riders

Sadie jumping the tarter tanks

Sadie jumping the tarter tanks"I just wanted to write and tell you what a amazing difference the CSI Saddle Pads have made for the All American Cowgirl Chicks horse herd. Carrying 14 horses on the road ( with some of them rescue horses) every weekend… we are up against a lot of adversity. We strive to do the best we can to maintain our horses at the highest level. Traveling over 100,000 miles a year our equipment has to be tough and stand up to our hectic schedule.

The CSI pad has not only eliminated soreness…it has improved our horses performance each time we run in the arena. This is such a great product and we will endorse the CSI saddle pads every we go. We are confident that the CSI Saddle Pad is the best out on the market today and will promote these pads for along time. We are living proof that CSI is dependable and tough and give our horses the best protection in the rodeo arena. Thanks CSI for having such a outstanding product!"

Trish Lynn, All American Cowgirl Chicks

All American Cowgirl Chicks

All American Cowgirl Chicks"I first saw CSI Pads at Road to The Horse in Tennessee in 2008. My horse had actually gone down the night before the performance because of a pad I had just bought for him that cut his withers to the bone! This pad was not a cheap pad either. I researched the CSI Pads and asked them a million questions. I called Donna the next week, ordered one and started using it as soon as his withers healed. Trick riding is very tough on their backs because of how tight you have to have the saddle so it does not slip. To my suprise, he has not been back sore once since I started using the pad. Before, after a 2-3 day performance if you touched him on his back he would just cringe. I was so impressed that after week long performances he was not sore at all! I spread the news to the other girls on the team. Now, every trickrider AND even the girls that dont trick ride on our team use the CSI Pads. I have even started using the CSI Pads on my ranch horses and the colts that I start! We are absolutely in love with them and believe in them so whole heartedly that we will not buy any other pad. Thank you Donna and the girls for helping my horses, they mean the world to me and it just killed me when they were so sore. Tee Jay and Splash, my trick riding horses, also thank you!"

Ginger Duke, All American Cowgirl Chicks

Texas Trick Riders, Weatherford, Texas

Texas Trick Riders, Weatherford, Texas"Trick riding clinic i had in Weatherford Tx this weekend , as always the Tx Trk Rdiers ride on CSI pads!"

Austin James from Facebook