CSI Pads
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America

Step by Step Decisions

Buying your CSI Pad: Step by Step…

Step One: Determine which CSI Flex-Plate best fits your saddle’s tree.

CSI Saddlepads makes two different Flex-Plates. One fits Western saddles and saddles based on Western trees including treeless Western saddles, Western flex panel saddles, Aussie saddles with Western design, gaited saddles with Western design and endurance saddles with Western design. The other fits English saddles and saddles based on an English design including all purpose English, forward seat, hunter/jumper, event saddles, Aussie saddles with an English design, gaited saddles with an English design and endurance saddles with English design. The Western style is pictured on the left below, the English style on the right.

CSI FlexPlate Styles

Step Two: Determine which shape pad fits your saddle and your style.

Once you chose the Flex-Plate that works with your saddle, choosing the shape of your pad is easy. All of our Western style pads use the same Flex-Plate positioned in the same spot; the same for our English pads. Choose your pad shape based on what YOU feel will work best (and look best) with your saddle or best fits your needs — for example, if you show a lot and you have an extensive Navajo collection, you may want to choose our Show Cut shaped pad because it is concealable under a Navajo blanket whereas our standard pad will partially show.

Some things to keep in mind: Our Standard square Western style pad is the most versatile pad we make, it fits most saddles and most horses. It is a great choice if you ride multiple saddles or if you’re thinking of changing saddles in the near future. If you trail ride on a round skirted trail saddle and use saddlebags, you may still want to purchase a square shaped pad to protect your horse and your equipment.

English riders will want to chose the GP pad if they wish to ride with a quilted cover pad. The Sport Pony pad works well with most English saddles. English riders can skip Step Three because our English pads are a set size: (26 inchlength for Sport Pony, 24 inch for GP)

Step Three: Determine which size pad you need to fit your saddle (not your horse).

CSI Western pads come in two lengths: 30 and 32. (If you measure a CSI pad, the measurement is more exactly 29 1/2 inches and 31 1/2 inches.) You need to choose your length based on the length of your SADDLE first and foremost and then based on the length of your horses back. To determine which size pad you need, measure your saddle skirt’s length. If your skirt measures under 27 1/2 inches you can use a 30 inch pad (although you may still want to order a 32 inch pad if you’re horse has a long back or you ride with saddlebags). If your skirt measures over 27 1/2 inches, then you’ll need to get a 32 inch pad. If your skirt measures over 30 1/2 inches, call us at 660.638.4CSI (4274) and we may be able to help you with a longer pad.

Due to the contour of a treeless saddle, riders should always choose a 32 inch pad.

English riders can skip Step Three because our English pads are a set size: (26 inch length for Pony and Sport Pony, 24 inch for GP)

Step Four: Determine what thickness liner best fits your needs.

You can chose between a 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thickness for your 100% All Natural Wool Liner. For Western style pads the 3/4 inch liner is the most versatile and should be used on all horses who are ridden heavily even if they have a rounder shape. 3/4 inch liners are always recommended for roping and intense trail riding as well as horses with prominent withers and riders over 180 lbs. If you have a very round backed horse (more fat than muscular), you may find a 1/2 inch liner helps with slippage. Endurance riders and Aussie riders will need to also take into consideration the custom fit of their saddles. If your saddle has been custom fit, a 1/2 inch liner may be a better choice for your horse if he has a normal to round shape. English riders generally find more success with the 1/2 inch liner unless their horse is very high withered. Other riders who prefer 1/2 inch liners include light weight barrel racers and cutters.

CSI also makes a 100% Merino wool liner as well. This liner is very thin and is not recommended for most riding disciplines. Choose this liner if you are an English rider with a good fititng saddle or a Western rider with an exceptional saddle fit and/or a horse that requres this type of liner.

Step Five: Decide which color pad you want.

CSI makes pads in black, brown, light brown, blue and gray. Our standard wear leathers come in brown or black. Black wear leathers only look good on black pads but we will put them on blue and gray pads; they are not recommended for brown, light brown, or burgundy.

CSI Saddlepad Colors

Step Six: Choose custom extras to personalize your CSI pad.

You can laser initials and/or logos starting at $35 per pad. You can add Rodeo Drive conchos starting at $70 per pad. You can get hair-on wear leathers in a variety of hides including zebra and a variety of cow hide colors such as brindle or black/white. You can upgrade your wear leathers to a larger, hand tooled Wickett and Craig leather starting at $150 per pad. We also offer a variety of “special” custom created pads with inlays in a variety of exotic hides including croc, stingray and hair-on hide. Visit our Customize your Pad page to view all the options available.

Step Seven: Determine if your horse needs shims.

Although 95 percent of horses do not need shims, there are a few that do. If your horse has “pockets” behind his withers or if he has a sway back, shims can help your saddle fit. Call us and we’ll help you chose the right shims.

Step Eight: Determine if your horse needs shims.

Order online right now by visting our Online Store, call us at 660.638.4274, visit us at a show or expo or speak with one of our dealers.

Our Western pad line is priced starting at $350. This will buy any of our Western pads with standard wear leathers and your choice of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch replaceable all natural wool liner. Replacement liners are $150 each. The liner that comes with your pad will last one to three years depending upon care and use.

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