CSI Pads
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America
CSI Saddle Pads 100% Made in America

Testimonials from Endurance Riders

"Thank you so much for the western pads. Wow, what a difference it made in the horses. I am amazed how my saddle now fits 26 different horses and before I was having to use 2 pads for certain horses and now all the horses backs and withers are much better. We have cut our chiropractic bills in half. The horses have become so much more balanced in their movement. Scot and I both have back problems and since I have had my pad I have not had any problems at all. Scot’s have been cut in 1/2 of what he used to hurt."

Lynn MacGregor

"I’m using the pad and Abetta endurance saddle on the little mare who is very broad and has no withers. The saddle never has fit Bint. None of my others do either. However, since we’ve been riding more, she has lost some weight and with the CSI pad, I’m not getting the dry spots any more. Whoopee. We did a 30 mile competitive ride a couple weeks ago, and she had the best pulse recoveries she has ever had, and the saddle stayed right where I put it."